Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Join the Project

To join the project, artisans must have, as a minimum, the relevant professional qualifications or proven professional experience, be registered with the Chambers of Commerce and meet the legal requirements for carrying out their work.

To join the programme, artisans must also sign two specific documents to guarantee that they will respect the principles. Artisans must adhere to a “Service Charter” that regulates their company's social responsibility and ethics, and join the “Artigiani In Liguria” mark of excellence if they belong to one of its sectors.

As a further guarantee for artisans and consumers, manufacturers will also be required to know and accept the content of the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship, on which the Service Charter is based.

Once they have signed the two Charters and acquired the Artigiani in Liguria mark of excellence, if necessary, they will be able to sign the contract that regulates the sale of artisan products. The contract agrees that goods will be available for sale on, and lasts for one year. The document specifies the obligations of the company and, the methods for the conservation, exhibition and sale of goods, and the legal terms.

Three documents to become part of the world of and contribute to spreading the values of Ligurian artistic craftsmanship and enogastronomy.

Contact the staff for more information and download the link below or from the Charters page.

pdf Service Charter and Principles
International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship.

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