Thursday, October 19, 2017

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The “Artigiani in Liguria” mark of excellence

The “Artigiani in Liguria” brand covers ten niche sectors that represent the most significant and ancient crafts in the region, which have been preserved thanks to the professionalism of experts and artisans.

The“Artigiani in Liguria” certification recognises and distinguishes the Ligurian artisan workshops and studios whose unique works flow from a higher class of creative flair.

To recognise these ten historic crafts, two certifications have been created:

The Regional Committee for Craftsmanship, in collaboration with the Ligurian Chambers of Commerce and the trade associations C.N.A Liguria and Confartigianato Liguria, has therefore approved production rules, technical documents concerning a typical quality product or artistic or traditional craft that contain provisions relating to the area of production, product characteristics and production methods.

The collective geographical “Artigiani In Liguria” mark of excellence has therefore imposed its own rules of use which define the conditions and requirements necessary for obtaining the mark, its methods of use, the checks to perform and potential sanctions to apply to those who do not comply, in order to guarantee and safeguard the system.

Shortly, procedures for certifying bakers, ice cream makers, pasta makers, goldsmiths and restorers will be competed.

By issuing this mark of excellence, the Liguria Region is providing a means of endorsing and distinguishing artisan companies that have been recognised as being superior and giving consumers a guarantee of identifying quality artisan products.

The “Artigiani In Liguria” brand is guaranteed and promoted by the Liguria Region, managed by the Regional Committee for Craftsmanship in collaboration with regional trade associations, and controlled by the Ligurian Chambers of Commerce.


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Artigiani in Liguria

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